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In the past years Vedang Software has built web solutions for various industries including financial services, health care, construction, manufacturing, retail, education, entertainment and legal to name a few. We pride ourselves on managing successful projects for all sectors and have earned an outstanding reputation through client referral. The strength of our team allows us to offer a varied range of services with concrete software development minds

Our aim is to improve the client's business brand in order for the business to achieve and exceed its own objectives. Our dedicated team ensures that you accomplish this by focusing on all aspects of the process, understanding the basics in order to guarantee success with the complexities.

Web site design is critical for success in the modern Internet Business World. Offering an attractive, intuitive interface with a logical and easy to use navigation/layout generates the difference between a frustrated web surfer and a happy visitor (and potential client). The key to a successful site is careful planning of a rewarding user experience.We use many different tools for this and our designing and programming teams work closely together to ensure that the design and functionality is at its finest for the user. This will result in an excellent user experience which promotes increased brand recognition for our clients. User interface design Site flow and navigation HTML integration with backend technologies Techno Strings has expertise to develop web standards compliant websites. We lay a high emphasis on accessibility, visual appeal, marketing pitch, promotion and website usability.

Web development is about giving our clients the best business tool they could possibly have. It’s about providing an imaginative, creative and unique web presence to further enhance their existing brand and we do this with a team of well versed individuals, experienced in everything from web applications to e-commerce platforms. We gather the required information and reach a better understanding of the business’s bigger picture, gaining in depth knowledge of the key aims and objectives of the website for the business, including their target audience, technical requirements and going through any initial concerns they may have.

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